Sandy Kemp, MA, CHTP

Sandy Kemp, MA, CHTP

Welcome to my site.  My desire is to provide you with information and a possible direction for you to consider.

My experience is that healing is a process. I've witnessed profound healings, especially in those who recognize the importance of their own self-healing. Self-healers draw to themselves resources, activities and people. 

In 2006, I had cancer and in addition to conventional treatments, I received Healing Touch. A holistic energy therapy, it addressed all aspects of my life and helped me on the path to health.  

I encourage you to read my 'Therapies' pages. These pages provide an introduction to energy therapy and a clearer idea of how it works.

I'd love to be part of your self-healing team. 



Energy Therapy restores the body's energies. The body's restored energies aid healing.