Sandy Kemp, MA, CHTP



Sandy Kemp uses Healing Touch, as well as Reiki, Essential Energy and Quantum-Touch. Sessions include assessment of the energy centers and biofields followed by relaxing, therapeutic sessions based on client goals.


Some of the conditions supported with energy therapy are anxiety and depression; cancer care; cardiovascular; dental, pre and post surgery; life transitions and grief; lymph problems; various medical conditions; musculoskeletal concerns; pain management; PTSD and trauma; self-care; sleep issues; weight issues. Regular energy therapy supports relaxation, wellness and prevention.


Getting Started

Energy therapy is cumulative. The weekly sessions begin at 90 minutes. Once clients have achieved a positive shift in their situation, maintenance sessions can go to bi-weekly and then to monthly.       

  • 90-minute sessions: $80 each

  • 60-minute sessions: $60 each

Healing services are reimbursable under most flexible benefit plans with a prescription or letter of medical need provided by an M.D., D.O., D.C., P.A. or N.P., along with a receipt for Healing Touch. 







Energy Therapy restores the body's energies. The body's restored energies aid healing.